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Look Beyond Productivity

You give your agents technology to make them more productive, right? Because productivity is important, right? But is it enough? The problem is, clients make economic decisions differently than they used to. The data you used to control? They can get it online. And your exclusive real estate knowledge and insights? They can learn a

Choose a Single Solution

There’s a software solution for every real estate business challenge. Need to store contacts? There’s an application for that. Need to email those contacts? There’s an application for that too. Need to access listing databases? You get it. Some unfortunates solve their challenges with one technology solution at a time. Here’s why theseIntegrateosaurs are headed

Transform the Way You Analyze Your Business

In the conversations we have with broker/owners we hear the same complaint: “I’m flying blind.” What they mean is that they have little visibility into their business. They lack anything like a real-time picture of who’s performing well, how the month is going or what they should be focused on. This is a pretty common

Transform Your Back Office

When we talk to real estate professionals the subject of CRM always comes up. It’s a white-hot topic, for sure. It’s harder to get them involved in a discussion of back office automation, which puzzles me. Managing the minutiae of business processes and transactions is definitely not sexy, but it’s money. After all, what’s the

Transform Your Client Experience

How often do you think about the quality of the experience you deliver to your clients today? Is it important to you? Do you perceive it as an asset, something that helps you to compete? For years retailers and consumer brands have made customer experience a strategic focus, and it shows. Companies in these industries

Transform Your Client Acquisition Program

If you’re in commercial or residential real estate you know you don’t win new clients today with cold calling, refrigerator magnets and post cards. You win new clients by engaging them. By creating both an emotional and a rational connection. By giving them what they need. Some contacts need you to demonstrate your firm’s value.

Strengthen Your Pipeline in the New Year!

As 2014 comes to a close and we get ready to take on 2015, many of you are busy making your plans and setting your new year resolutions.  For real estate professionals, we all share the common goal – “ to grow my business.”   Based on our experience, working with real estate brokerages all over

Tricks & Treats from REthink

It’s almost Halloween, the spookiest holiday of the year, filled with creepy ghouls, ghosts, goblins and more!  This holiday, the REthink team is giving you some helpful tricks & treats to fight off any eerie or frightening feelings about your REthink real estate customer relationship management app! RIP Scary Data Bad data in a CRM can be frightening for

CRE App Review: REthink

by: The News Funnel Think Tech Labs’ mission has always been to disrupt the real estate industry by developing innovative real estate technology that changes the way brokers and agents run their businesses.  We have accomplished this and more with our commercial real estate app, REthink CRM.  On average, REthink users see a 22% increase in

New Salesforce Blog Post: Top 5 Reasons Real Estate is Moving Business to the Cloud

As Director of Sales at REthink CRM, I speak to real estate professionals who are looking for a way to be more efficient. In the last few months, I’ve noticed some trends among brokers, agents, and executives looking to boost their business in 2014. Below are the five most common reasons real estate businesses are moving their