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How to Choose the Right CRM!

Customer Relationship Management is becoming a crucial aspect of every industry but especially in both commercial and residential real estate brokerages. In a highly competitive industry such as real estate, it is the differentiator that sets you apart. Real estate agents and brokers gain a number of benefits from using a CRM, such as REthink.

Only 22% Of Realtors Earn More Than $100,000/Year. If This Is Your Goal, Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know.

By: Jim Plunkett ActiveRain (the largest online real estate community) conducted a survey of real estate professionals to find out what separates the “top” real estate professionals (those earning over $100,000 a year) from the “struggling” real estate professionals (those earning under $35,000 a year). ActiveRain’s data and data from 3 other recent studies show

ProspectNow integrates with REthink!

The flexible nature of REthink is what makes it so easy for so many brokerages to move their business to the cloud.  Is your commercial brokerage using ProspectNow?  REthink just got more powerful with its ability to integrate with ProspectNow, a commercial real estate database of building owners, properties, and tenants.  Once you have prospect data,

REthink Mobile Trends

Have you started using REthink CRM on the Salesforce 1 Mobile App yet?  If not, I highly suggest youdownload it right now.  Salesforce 1 is not just another app, it truly does allow AppExchange Partners such as, REthink CRM, create “a next generation” app with an exceptional mobile user experience. One of the top real

The Ideal Online Marketing Guidelines

As a Real Estate Agent, online marketing plays a huge role when it comes to connecting with your clients and keeping them engaged.  In such a competitive industry, you may be asking yourself what exactly you can do to set yourself apart from the masses. 1. The first step is to devise a marketing plan

Hot Off the Press: Salesforce Powered Real Estate CRMs

Check out the latest Salesforce blog post: The State of the Market: Salesforce Powered Real Estate CRMs.  Learn how the latest and greatest Real Estate CRM technology, REthink CRM, is changing the Real Estate game. Here’s a sneak peek: “Real estate is an industry with a host of favorable conditions: technological resources, substantial revenue opportunities, and

REthink’s AppExchange Top Picks

One of the many advantages of joining forces with REthink is the seamless integration capabilities with other 3rd party applications, from the Salesforce AppExchange, to further enhance the user experience.  With our Premium Licenses, users have the ability to leverage the cloud computing marketplace, the Salesforce AppExchange, to add on to their REthink app.  This

Become a REthink Import Wizard!

Maybe you have just started your REthink trial, or maybe you’ve just purchased your REthink licenses and are ready to dig in to the application and start enjoying the benefits of REthink for your Residential or Commercial brokerage!  At first, importing can be a bit scary, but with our help and guidance you will master it

Work Your Leads to Grow Your Pipeline

You work hard for your leads, and you’ve put in blood, sweat and tears to develop your network. All of this would be a waste if you aren’t capitalizing on opportunities from your existing lead pool. Keep in touch with them, early, and often, so that you are the first one they turn to when

Get Organized with REthink CRM!

As a real estate agent or broker, your “To-Do” list is never ending and a day off is pretty much nonexistent.  So, the question on everyone’s mind is: “How can I make my brokerage more efficient and run like a well oiled machine?” Start by getting organized with REthink CRM. Have you ever lost a business card or