REthink Residential Features

Role-based experience

REthink users can have different experiences, depending on their role and profile.
  • Permission-based security
  • Buyer Agent and Listing Agent views
  • Broker, Marketing Coordinator, and other views
  • Management visibility into subordinates' activity and performance


Give the entire firm a single view of each contact and client. Store both client data and a complete history of the client relationship, as well as transactional information related to that client. Refer to this content - or update it - anywhere, on any device.
  • REthink preserves every interaction and event associated with the contact
  • Displays in the contact record all listings that match the contact's criteria

Action Plans

REthink lets you describe workflows and business processes and assign responsibility to named inviduals at every step of the way
  • Create visibility into the status of every important transaction and process
  • Use tasks and reminders to keep work moving and employees in the know
  • Build accountability into everything the business does
  • Add rigor to the business with standardized process

Matching Criteria

No more manual sifting of listings. REthink matches listings to client requirements automatically.
  • Capture a buyer's or tenant's requirements and preferences in REthink
  • Automatically generate a collection of listings that match client criteria
  • Automatically generate a list of clients that might be interested in a particular listing
  • Send matching listings to clients via email

Listing Browser

Generate a map-based set of listings, complete with images, that you can send to your buyer for feedback.
  • Search MLS and pocket listings
  • Apply additional criteria to narrow results
  • Email results to client

Reporting and Analytics

Provides brokers and team members with critical visibility into business activity and performance.
  • Understand who is converting leads
  • See who is performing against targets
  • Determine where your business is coming from

Tour Maps

Export listing data from REthink into Google Maps to create a Tour Map.
  • Plot a tour of properties in the map app
  • Add in stops for discussion breaks
  • Share the map link with your prospect
  • Or generate the Tour Map as a pdf

Agent Organizer

See your - and your team's - entire day's schedules and tasks in one place.
  • One-stop, go-to destination for agents or anyone else in the firm
  • Provides managers with visibility into team members' activities and schedules
  • Links out to REthink contact, listings and transaction records

Integrated Chat

REthink supports real-time, firm-wide chat communication.
  • Available from every REthink screen
  • Avoids the confusion and delay of managing transactions in email
  • Leverage hashtag support to organize chats around properties, transactions or people

I love that as a REthink developer I help our clients turn requirements into reality. I implement cutting edge solutions which extend the capabilities of Salesforce and transform it into an all-encompassing brokerage solution which can be customized to fit any particular business needs.

- Nadina L. , Product Development

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