Salesforce Winter ’16 Release


Last month, Salesforce wrapped up their annual Dreamforce conference, which has grown to be the largest software conference in the world. At Dreamforce, the new release of the Salesforce Lightning Experience (a new mobile and desktop user experience) stole the show although there are several noteworthy enhancements that we don’t think should go unnoticed. 

This month is the latest Salesforce Winter ’16 release, several of these improvements seen at Dreamforce will be available to you this October. 

Below we have highlighted the areas that will impact REthink users:

For the System Admins:

  • Rollup Summary Field limit has increased from 10 to 25.  This comes in handy from a brokerage perspective. Upper level management may want visibility into metrics such as listing volume per agent, total number of offers submitted for the quarter, or the close rate per agent. These metrics are possible through rollup summary fields!
  • Multi-Select picklists can now have up to 500 values in those drop down fields!
  • Restricted Picklists – Now you can prevent users from creating additional picklist values upon import. You have tried to standardize your business by providing users with a predefined set of options.  However, when mass importing, it is possible to accidentally add in new picklist values, even if they do not exist in REthink.  Now, this issue has been resolved through “restricted picklists!”
For the Chatter Users:

  • Chatter Files Related Lists – You can now display the Files you’ve uploaded in Chatter as a related list on the page layout
  • Broadcast Groups – the type of group where only owners and managers can create new posts. Group members can engage with posts through comments but they cannot create their own posts. This is a great way to share news from specific departments (ex. Exec Team)
  • Mute posts – no need to receive notifications about posts that are no longer relevant to you, you can now choose to mute them!
  • Write Chatter posts in rich text – use bullet points, numbered lists, bold, italics, underlined characters, etc. to make your posts easy to read and visually appealing

  • Salesforce App for Outlook is now available! (Enabled for Microsoft Outlook WebApp, Outlook 2013, 2016, and Office 365
  • Enabled Lookup Relationship field for activities are now available – meaning you can add custom lookup fields from activities to other records.

  • You are now able to accept or decline Chatter group member request on the go
  • Mobile Users will also be warned about potential duplicate records
  • Ability to review and mark notifications as “read” right from the Salesforce1 app