We offer our clients an experience
they can't get anywhere else


Business transformation is not easy

In fact, without help it's easier to get it wrong than to get it right.

And if you don't get it right we both lose. We lose a client, of course. And you lose an opportunity to make your people more effective, grow your top and bottom line and grab a bunch of market share.

Big promise. Backed by big investments.

We are all about ensuring that you do get it right. Think you've heard that before? Well, how about this:

More than half of our workforce is dedicated to client training, consulting, support and coaching.

And regardless of your size or budget, we have a full-spectrum program of training, consulting, support and coaching that helps you get the most out of REthink.

We've got everything you need

We'll train you and your people.

We provide training for your REthink administrator. We also make sure your end users know how to use REthink. We offer this training on-site, remotely or in a self-guided mode.

We'll make REthink work like your business.

Before you go live with REthink we help you adapt our software solution to your business. And if you want your business to work like REthink, our experts can help you there too.

We'll answer your questions and address any product hiccups.

Our product support team responds to every technical or product issue. And if you’re used to waiting for days to hear back from your real estate software partner, you’ll love our response time guarantees.

We'll also be your advisors.

Our account management team coaches and guides you after your launch. Tips, advice and reassurance are all part of the deal. You can opt for a variety of account management programs.

REthink is the perfect combination of software at its best and real estate business solution. As a software developer I am glad to work in an environment where new technology is adopted and creativity is encouraged.

- Neeraj J. , Product Development

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